Connectors for Transportation and Military
Panel and DIN Mount Solid State Relays / Relay Assemblies
Optical & Mechanical Encoders, Rotary Switches, CAN
Displays & Keypads, Hall-Effect Switches, Joysticks, Push Buttons,
DIP Switches
Relays, Aircraft Switches,
Contactors and more
Sensata 200x35 BEI Sensors 199x33Rugged Encoders, Position Sensors and Motion Control Products Motors, Solenoids, Valves, Pumps, Switches, Flex Circuits

AC/DC. DC/DC, EMI Filters up to 5KW

Stand-By Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Lithium Iron Phosphate,
Powersport, & More
Modular Stackable Connectors to 350A

Airflow, Temperature, & Pressure Sensor / Switches
AC and DC Fans, Blowers, Backwards Curved Impellers,
Electronically Commutated Blowers
Sensata 200x35 klixonAirflow, Temperature, & Pressure Sensor / Switches

Military DC/DC Converters

Engineered Power Distribution Systems, Laminated, Powdercoated, Machined, Flex

SMD,Through-hole, and Chip Discrete Semiconductor
High performance Barcode,
Transaction, Hybrid and Kiosk
Hybrid Printers with MICR/OCR Available
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